Occupational Medicine

If you are an NC State employee, it may be recommend or required that you participate in medical surveillance based upon the type of work you perform, your work environment and the potential for hazardous exposure at work. Examples of conditions that may require medical surveillance are respirator use, loud noise, international travel, contact with animals, or the exposure to lead, Hepatitis B, rabies, or organophosphate/pesticide sprays.

Occupational Medicine provides exams for respirator use, hearing protection, diving physicals, and nuclear operators. Personnel who work with animals, living or dead, may require medical surveillance in order to minimize the health and safety risk of contact with animal living quarters, viable tissues, body fluids or wastes.

If you need to arrange an appointment, please call 919-513-0277 and ask to speak to the Occupational Medicine Program Coordinator. We provide respirator, diving, and audio exams Tuesday and Friday mornings by appointment. We provide lab work and immunizations Monday through Friday between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. by appointment.

You will not need to pay out of pocket for these exams or tests. However, your department will have to pay, so you will need to obtain your supervisor’s approval and submit the required signed paperwork.

After your exam, your supervisor will receive recommendations for what is necessary to protect you while performing your job responsibilities. We will not share any medical information with your supervisor. Visit the Environmental Health & Public Safety Medical Surveillance site for more information and to access the required form(s).