Although alcohol is many college students’ drug of choice, you may have questions about other drugs as well. Reviewing the resources Health Promotion has compiled below can help you answer these questions. If you think you may be dependent on illegal drugs and wish to seek help, support groups on campus and in the Raleigh community can help you overcome a substance abuse problem. You may wish to complete Boston University’s anonymous, confidential self-assessment entitled “Do I Have a Drug Problem?

Fact Sheets Suggested Reading
Accidental Ingestion of Marijuana
Medical Marijuana
Marijuana Facts Brochures
Marijuana‘s effect on the body
Marijuana Abuse
Marijuana Anonymous
Other Drugs
Fact Sheets Suggested Reading
Drug Guide
Salvia Divinorum
Brain and Addiction
Drugs of Abuse
Above the Influence
Parents. The Anti-Drug
The Partnership for a Drug-Free America
Prescription Drugs
Fact Sheets Suggested Reading
Prescription Drug Abuse Fact Sheet
NIDA Infofacts – Prescription Medications
Prescription Drug Abuse Chart
Prescription Medications
Prevent Prescription DrugAbuse
Prescription Drug Abuse among College Students
Prescription Drug TV Ads and Videos