Counselors are not often the first people students turn to when they have problems. Students contact friends, resident assistants, advisers, faculty, and family members daily, and they naturally confide in those closest to them when they have difficulties. As a result, these individuals can inform and assist students in distress and refer students to professional counseling for help with more serious concerns.

The Counseling Center consults with university students, faculty, staff, and parents who are concerned about the unusual, problematic, or potentially harmful behavior of others. In person or over the phone, a staff member will explore your concerns and help you develop ideas for dealing effectively with the situation. If circumstances warrant, we’ll also help you find professional help for the person either at the Counseling Center or in the Triangle area.

Although we are primarily a student service department, we also provide consultation services such as:

  • Consulting with faculty, staff, or parents about how to help a student in distress
  • Liaison relationships between our staff and many campus organizations to assure continuity of care and timely exchange of important information
  • Program planning and in-service training
  • Orientation to our services