Counseling Center staff listen carefully to concerns students have about their lives. Students speak to us about things that upset, frighten, confuse, thrill, sadden, or anger them. Although we do not provide students with specific advice or directions, we believe the process of talking and listening helps students better understand the factors that contribute to their concerns.

As greater insights emerge, students are better are better equipped to make decisions and regulate their own lives. Students often appreciate the support they feel as they open themselves to talking about or thinking about painful situations with their counselors.

We take the confidentiality of our dialogue with students quite seriously. Students approach us of their own volition. If talking with us is to be made more public in any way, that, too, we leave to the student. We break confidentiality only in situations that to us seem to be life-threatening. Even in these situations, however, we do everything we can to enlist the student’s agreement that we let others know of the troubles she or he is facing. We invite you to review the detailed information about our services listed in the right-hand navigation.