Immunization Compliance

Proof of Immunizations
North Carolina public law
requires that you submit proof of your immunizations to the Student Health Center within 30 days of your acceptance at NC State University. The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services answers questions about college and university immunization requirements. Within 30 days of your acceptance to the university, you must submit your Immunization Records both in paper form and online at HealthWeb.

If you will be under the age of eighteen on the first day of the semester, you must have a parent or guardian sign a Consent for Treatment form. Please do not download or forward copies of health forms you may find elsewhere online. Records must be legible and include your name and date of birth on each page, the name of the official source providing the records (e.g. a doctor’s office or school), and must be in English at the time of submission.

Send hard copy proof of immunizations to:
Attention: Immunizations Department
N.C. State University
Campus Box 7304
Raleigh, NC 27695-7304
Fax: 1-888-972-4149

Tuberculin (PPD) Test for International Students and Non-U.S. Citizens 
In the 12-month period before the first day of classes, both international students and non-U.S. citizens must have a tuberculin (PPD) test administered in a U.S. facility. Tuberculin (PPD) test results must be stated in millimeters. Nil or negative is not acceptable. Permanent residents in possession of green cards are exempt from the Tuberculin (PPD) test requirement.

Vaccination Against Meningococcal Disease
Although NC State University does not require its students to be vaccinated against meningococcal disease, we recommend the vaccine for incoming freshmen who will live in residence halls.

Exceptions to North Carolina Immunization Regulations
Regulations do not apply to

  • Students classified as “non-degree seeking,” “distance education,” or “unclassified;”
  • Students registered in off-campus courses only;
  • Students attending night or weekend classes only; or
  • Students taking a course load of four (4) credit hours or fewer and residing off-campus.

Consequences for Not Providing Proof of Immunization
If a student does not provide proof of immunization, North Carolina public law requires NC State University to drop him or her from all classes. Re-enrollment costs $150.